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About Us

We have 30 years experience of setting up matches for Sikh turban professionals. We understand and know first hand the challenges that both Sikh turban boys and girls seeking them experience in the asian dating scene. This website is exclusively for turban Sikh professionals and for those girls who seek them with the view of making the search of both parties efficient and pleasant.


Our service is free and we have decided to keep it free for personal reasons. We are based in the UK but due to requests from people in other countries we have decided to help Sikh professionals based in any other country worldwide too. We will only connect you with matches based on your country of preference. Our method involves contacting you to find out information about you and what you are searching for. After this we will do the hard work of searching on your behalf and we only make contact with suitable matches based on your preferences. All information will be kept confidential throughout.


We also hold networking/mingle events exclusively for boys with turbans and for girls seeking those with turbans. Only registered members will be informed of event details. We encourage you to attend these events as you will be exposed to people outside your search criteria who you may get along with in real life.  


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