Our Service/How it works



Which countries do you cover?

Our service can help professionals based in any country worldwide eg UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India etc. At all times we will only connect you with people based on the country of preference you tell us on your form.


How does it work?

Step 1. Fill in the form on the Sign up page and email your passport/driving licence and photo to info@turbanrishta.com. Please put your name and DOB in the subject of the email.

Step 2. We will contact you with any queries and find out more about you and what you are searching for. Please be honest and truthful in your answers as this will ensure suitable matches.

Step 3. Behind the scenes we will search potential matches based on your preferences.

Step 4. When a potential match is found we will contact you first and ask if you would like to proceed. No personal information will be shared.


Your form is not shared with a potential suitor. The only part of your form which has the potential to be shared is the 'About Me' blurb (section 6 of the form). However even this is shared discreetly and with your permission each and every time. When we have a potential suitor we will contact you to inform you and ask your permission for sharing your About Me blurb. If you agree then we will send this forward. You can change your About Me blurb at any time by contacting us.


What is the cost?

It is free to register.


Why is it free?

We have been doing this locally in the Sikh community for over 30 years and we intend to keep it free. In particular we were sad to learn that in the current sikh society our Sikh boys are rejected for not being clean shaven and so feel the pressure to trim, shave, cut their hair or remove their turbans to feel accepted and find marriage potentials. We hope to resolve this by providing a platform for boys wearing a turban and girls searching for a turban match to connect. This should provide a better experience that is pleasant and more efficient for both parties.


Why are the questions so detailed?

None of the answers from section 1 to section 5 are shared. So please be assured that this will not be available to other members. We however have asked for detailed answers so that our matchmaking facilitators can find you suitable matches based on your preferences. Since everyone has a different preference we try to cover all bases with our questions and this helps you by avoiding awkward questions and embarassing situations.


In our 30 years of experience the preferences members have can vary from location preferences, subcommunity preference, education preference, lifestyle and family preference etc hence the detailed questions. The asian dating scene is definately complex and we will help you  navigate it the best we can so that you can find your life partner.


We also ask members to be open to matches outside their preferences as you may be suprised. We would encourage you to attend our mingle and speed dating events so that you can network in a friendly environment and get to know people faster and also be exposed to members outside your search criteria who you may get along with. People have often found these events useful for these reasons.


I do not have a turban, can I register?

No. At this stage we are exclusively for boys with turbans and for those girls seeking a turban match.


I have a turban but I trim or shave, can I register?

Yes. We will find you a match.


I have a turban and I am amritdhari, can I register?

Yes. We will find you a match.


I have a turban and I am non-amritdhari, can I register?

Yes. We will find you a match


Can I keep my profile picture private?

Your profile photo and personal details will not be displayed online. Even when a match is found, no information is shared without your consent first.


Can I become a member without submitting my ID?

No, it is a requirement that you submit identification. All members must submit their driving licence and a photo. This is to ensure trust in our service and it not shared with anyone.


Will others be able to see my ID documents?

No, these are completely private and will not be shown to anyone.


Why should I attend the mingle/speed date events?

We would encourage you to attend our mingle and speed dating events so that you can network in a friendly environment. The main advantages of speed dates/mingles are to network, get exposure to the fact you are searching, to meet people faster in a short amount of space, to see the connection in real life and you are also exposed to members outside your search criteria who you may get along with in real life.


Can I attend events without registering?

No, only registered members will be invited to and informed about events. This is to ensure trust in our service.


How long does it take to find the 'one'?

We will begin searching for you everyday. You may find someone the next day or it may take longer. In our experience it generally takes people an average of 3 years before finding the 'one' to marry and settle down with. This is because people appear on the search scene at different times. Also just because someone is searching it does not mean they are mentally ready as people are at different stages of life. Also the search is two ways -  you are searching for someone but the other part also involves searching yourself and finding out what matters to you the most and what doesn't matter as much. We will help you in your journey to find the 'one' and hope to make it a positive one.